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Fire/Rescue – The Stockton Fire Department provides fire and rescue services to the residents of the Town of Stockton. This includes structural fire suppression, wildland fire suppression and vehicle extrication. We are also part of MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System) in which we provide aid to neighboring departments. The Stockton Fire Department was formed in 2005 and was previously covered by Plover and Amherst Fire Departments. We are an automatic mutual aid partner with the Amherst Fire District which means they provide us with equipment and personnel for structure fires and we provide them with equipment and personnel for structure fires in their district. The Stockton Fire Department has an ISO (insurance services office) rating of 6. The score reflects how prepared a community and area is for fires. Our fire department members are paid on a per call basis.

EMS – Stockton EMS was formed in 1996 and we provide initial lifesaving treatments, provide patient
care and assist responding ambulances. Our EMS personnel are trained at the EMR (emergency medical responder), EMT (emergency medical technician), or Paramedic levels. Our EMS members are paid on a per call basis.

Are you interested in joining our team? No experience is required, and we will cover the cost of your training!  If you are interested please send an email to or give us a call at (715) 592-FIRE (3473).